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Prepare for the unexpected

Natural Disasters, Government Collapse, War, Nuclear Fallout, Disease - the future is uncertain and unexpected. Plan2BugOut is your survival guide for what lies ahead. Build your own unique survival bag tailored to your specific area and climate. Included with Plan2BugOut is our complimentary Plan2Survive Lite Membership

Expect the unexpected.

The almighty dollar fails, anarchy overruns the streets, and on top of that: your car battery dies while you're hours away from home. Do you have what you need in the right place at the right time? We have you covered. An all-inclusive list of items and a simple guided tour will have you going in minutes.

Track Progress

Get a glimpse of your progress in each of the main three bug-out plans, so you can give attention to the plan that needs it.

The list progress updates in real time. No endlessly refreshing!

Don't get lost

There's a lot of things on your list. If you're ever unsure of what an item is, or why it's on your list, just hit the "Notes" button. A pop-up with a simple explanation will tell you what you need to know.

Not sure where to buy something? We provide a recommended product with a link within the note, for all notes.

Custom to you

It wouldn't make sense to get a family-sized pack of year-round cold climate gear for a lone wolf in Texas. Or vice versa in Alaska. That's why we built Plan2BugOut so you can choose your exact region, family size, fitness, budget, and more.

We also know that you may only want to prepare for a few trigger events. We get it: not every potential disaster tickles your giblets. So, pick the ones you want, and your list will only show you the items that help you survive your selected events.

Our Vision

We believe that the preparing for the worst is a basic necessity.

We believe that preparing for the worst protects not only yourself, but your friends and family, too.

Your way of life, and the people in it, don't have to end when disaster strikes. Be ready, help others be ready, and spread the word.

Get the right gear

We built Plan2BugOut to encompass three areas that matter: Automotive, Semi-Automotive, and On-Foot. Automotive for cars and trucks, Semi-Automotive for ATVs and motorcycles, and On-Foot for when you have to hoof it.

We make it simple.

There's no way you're fitting 75lbs of gear into a backpack and carrying it yourself.

We split everything into the appropriate places. The heavy stuff for your car, the light stuff over your shoulders. The outside world can be harsh, and you'll exhaust yourself quickly if pounds of gear are weighing you down.

Our goal is to get you to separate everything to the right spot. We set out to reduce pounds to ounces on every item in the list. 

Meet the founders

Jeff has seen more than his fair share of combat over the 28 years he's served in Special Forces. He's survived in the harshest conditions across the globe, and it's his expertise that has created the foundation of the ultimate survival tool: Plan2Survive.

Jeff Kirkham

Jay has been a hunter, fisherman, shooter and prepper since childhood, and has spent tens of thousands of hours roughing it in the great American outdoors. He’s killed more big game animals than cancer and is an Ironman triathlete.

Jay Ross

Best of all: it's free

Plan2BugOut is absolutely free to sign up. We want to spread the word of preparedness - because it's all we have when SHTF. Plan2BugOut comes as part of our complimentary Plan2Survive Lite Membership

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